In Spring of 2023, Kulungah Myah Community Centre collaborated with two Perth based artists to run six visual art workshops with strong environmental themes.    Our Eco-Arts delivery encouraged local residents of all ages to celebrate nature, connect with others, and nurture their creativity.    The workshops were run in two separate streams to ensure that the needs and interests of all attendees were carefully considered.

The first stream catered to primary school aged children, with parents and guardians welcome to support their child’s participation.  Amazing local business owner and artist, Demelza Woodcroft of DMLZA_Art, guided the first stream of workshops.   The young artists in our community were invited to learn about Australia’s unique flora and sustainability and had fun making art pieces by drawing, using clay, and painting with watercolours.

The second stream catered to adults, with the needs of seniors in the CALD community carefully considered in the planning process.  Local artist Morgan, from Open Hands Creative, hosted these workshops and drew attention to environmentally conscious materials.  Participants were able to relax and connect with others, while learning techniques in botanical illustration.   They then used their new knowledge of fine line drawing and watercolour painting to create their own beautiful artworks.

Additionally, KMCC was able to support the non-profit organisation, Multicultural Futures, with the generous donations made by attendees.  A total of $600 was raised over the six workshops. Multicultural Futures has made invaluable contributions to the lives of many CALD individuals, and their efforts continue to support and empower people from migrant and refugee backgrounds.   KMCC has had the wonderful opportunity to support their cause and is eager to partner with them again later this year.


Writing Credit:  Julia White