Our VIBE YOUTH HOLIDAY PROGRAM kicked off this summer.   Local teens from 12-16 years enjoyed a range of activities over January including:

  • Stepping into Virtual Reality
  • Bicycle Know How
  • Work Ready – How to WIN your first Paid job!

What participants liked the most?

  • “learning about resumes”.
  •  the “endless amount of relevant information”.
  • “having fun and being fully engaged the whole way through.”
  • “I enjoyed playing the games and finding my way across each session”.
  • “Learning things that will help with my bike”.


What they would like to see in future?

  • Board Game sessions
  • Movie nights
  • LAN (gaming) Party
  • Advanced Bike Course – disassembling
  • Excel & Coding classes

We thought these were great suggestions, and we’re looking forward to organising more exciting activities throughout the year.   We’re keen to hear from teens themselves…so do drop us a line via our FB page or write to kmfc@bigpond.net.au if you have an interesting idea you’d like to see for you and your buddies this year!