KMCC was proud to engage students from Corpus Christi College, Batman on March 30th and 31st, this year.  About 20 students from the College participated in a program of community service at the Centre as part of their 2 day retreat.

All the students showed initiative, diligence, creativity and heaps of enthusiasm as they undertook the following:

  • raked leaves, removed plants and prepared the front garden beds for new flora
  • cleaned all the outdoor toys, and the storage shed for Somerville Playgroup
  • cleaned a range of toddler play equipment, and the full range of outdoor toys belonging to Kardinya Toy Library
  • and ALSO created a beautiful new mural for the Centre’s front entrance.


The mural design was developed in consult with Art Teacher, Katelyn Versluis, and featured local flora and a white cockatoo.   The students carefully sketched out the design themselves, and proceeded to fill in the image with colour.   The result is an eye catching, vibrant entry to our Centre, and a delight to all those who visit, especially our many kindy visitors.    Special thanks to Bunnings O’Connor who donated paint and art supplies!

Well done Corpus Christi Retreat 2022 students!