KMCC is excited to announce the appointment of two new Board members to the team.

Bryce Soraru has been appointed to the new role of Diversity and Inclusion Officer.  Bryce has joined the Board to help the Centre diversify its service offerings and to ensure that it lives up to its inclusion message.  As someone with cerebral palsy, Bryce understands the unique challenges people with disability encounter in their day-to-day lives. Bryce has qualifications in Biomedical Science and Biotechnology, and speaks fluent Japanese. Whilst currently employed as a Business Analyst, Bryce previously worked for disability service provider, AbilityWA.  In addition, he has a strong interest in sustainability and remains a land care volunteer.

In another first for the organisation, Edwin Salesh has been appointed as Youth & Sustainability Officer.   A young adult himself, Edwin is currently completing university studies in Social Work.  He  has qualifications in Outdoor Education, and experience in early years education, as well as running youth activities within the local Indian community.   Edwin is energetic and a great communicator, and in the past 2 months he has:

  • run a focus group with local high school students.
  • commenced research for a new youth-based service at KMCC
  • provided feedback on our marketing strategy

With these appointments KMCC seeks to ensure that youth representation is apparent at the governance level.  It also aims to ensure that inclusivity and equity principles, and the needs of young people inform  service conceptualisation, planning & implementation.