KMCC welcomed students from UWA and Curtin University recently to engage in its Internship program.  Interns are assisting with a range of Centre activites from marketing & promotion, to patron engagement and research, and we excited to introduce you to two members of the intern team.

Jester Caponpon

Jester is an energetic 22-year-old student studying Pathology at the University of Western Australia.  He was born in the Philippines and has been living in Australia for the past 16 years.

Jester enjoys a variety of hobbies, from the occasional cooking, reading, gaming and going to the gym. He balances his day-to-day life with his studies, work, leisure, and exercise.

As a KMCC Marketing Intern Jester helps increase community awareness of the Centre and promotes its events, programs and its facilities.  Volunteering is something Jester has done before; he was in a university club called Japanese Studies Society from 2021 and 2022. He was a committee member helping with its social media presence, and then later become the treasurer. He enjoyed his time there, and recommends students join a university club to find like-minded people.

Accepting the offer to be an intern for KMCC was a simple choice for Jester.  His beliefs and goals align with the vision that KMCC strives for, and it has enabled him to deepen his community connections, as he explains:

How has your experience at Kulungah-Myah Community Centre been so far?
“I have been at KMCC for the past month and it has been very pleasant and exciting.  It’s a relaxing location that invites an open feeling to everyone that comes in.   The people that use the Centre for programs are all very kind and easy to talk to.  The supervisors guide me, and ensure that I am not struggling with anything.”

What do you like best about being an intern at KMCC?

  • “The diverse group of people I encounter, from the kids at the Prekindy, to the teens at the Perth Youth Film Academy, the seniors at the lovely Seniors Group and everyone else that comes into the Centre.  It’s great to see how important the centre is for the local community, and how much people look forward to coming in, and participating in the many Centre programs.
  • I like the purpose that KMCC has; wanting to inspire people and empower the community, as well as fostering the sharing and exchange of resources.
  • The working environment that KMCC provides is fantastic.    I am given a space where I can work independently, whilst also being able to easily interact with the supervisors and ask questions where they will go out of their way to help.”

Julia White

Julia is a thoughtful 21-year-old who is currently studying full-time at UWA.   She is completing a double major in Psychology and Chemistry.   She was born in Murdoch, and is of Singaporean and European heritage.

She graduated from St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls where she volunteered for the St Hilda’s ExTEND Holiday Program, catering to kids during their school holidays.   She has volunteered every day, at every school holidays – from opening to closing for a very long time!

Julia enjoys sewing, the gym, cooking, and playing board games with friends, as well as learning about East Asian Culture.   Julia is very passionate about mental health, and can see that loneliness is a big issue in this post-  pandemic environment. She believes that people shouldn’t suffer in silence, and wants people to feel connected, supported and welcomed.

Empowering marginalised individuals is a goal for Julia.   She believes in giving individuals the opportunity to seek help, and speak on behalf of themselves. She aspires to be a mental health advocate, and a motivational speaker for students to help liberate them from the sometimes competitive mentality present in schools.

Julia’s internship focus at KMCC has been grant writing.  Her position involves collecting data and opinions from the community, and service planning to support future digital literacy activities via the Federal governments’ Be Connected program.

How has your experience at KMCC been so far?
“It has been wonderful.  The supervisors have been very supportive, encouraging and patient. Whenever I ask them a question they immediately answer, and provide great support. The Seniors group are also very lovely and friendly.  On my first day at KMCC, they taught me how to play ‘Phase 10’, which is essentially Uno, but with more maths.    The centre itself is great.   It’s very close to nature with a lake right nearby so you can see the wildlife in the area, a very tranquil environment where everyone is easy to talk to, and very inclusive of others.   KMCC allows for a very easy transition from the university environment to the world of work”.

What do you like best about being an intern at KMCC?

  • “It’s a very homely environment, and can destress, but at the same time be productive.
  • It’s unique setting where you can interact with a community filled with a diverse population and make a difference in their lives through the programs that KMCC provides.  KMCC works with vulnerable individuals also from single mothers to seniors.
  • It is a great environment for collaboration.  The small, but very productive staff team at KMCC allow for close-knit ties, and easy communication with everyone. The supervisors are very helpful and open to ideas.  They always check-in on you, and do a great job of guiding you, as you start your internship.”

If you are a university student seeking an opportunity to gain real-world working experiences in a supported environment, then do write to to explore your options!