The transition to fatherhood is a psychologically stressful time for men, especially as they experience changes in identity, routines and social connections, as well as accommodating the physical, emotional and psychological needs of their partners and children.

KMCC wished to address the need for support in our locality with provision of a monthly peer-based group aimed at fathers & male carers with children (2-8 years). The aim is to nurture an appreciation of familial attachments, and the benefits of peer support for fathers around parenting challenges.

Since January 2023, a number of the fathers have met regularly at the Centre for relaxed get togethers with their kids.  Friendships were formed as they discovered a shared interest in technology, gaming and current affairs, as well as their common experience as fathers.  The child attendees also formed special bonds with each other.   Social connection was promoted via provision of lunch, skill building, experiences and free play in our Centre playground.  Feedback has been gathered verbally from participants during and at the end of sessions, as well as via our online survey. Attendees valued the opportunity to communicate with other father and enjoy “the nice interactions”.

  • Two fathers highlighted that it gave their spouse some important respite from a busy week.  “Mum loves it ‘cos she could take a break.”
  • 1 father noted the welcoming atmosphere of the Centre.
  • 100% of respondents highlighted that the peer support element of the session was most important to them.

The BKB schedule was enhanced with a woodworking session with Melville Men’s Shed, a fire engine experience with Fremantle Fire Brigade, and a Christmas party complete with Santa Dad, guinea pig encounter and face painting.

KMCC is excited to announce a new partnership for BKB in 2024.  Hilton Dad’s will be hosting the BKB sessions on a quarterly basis, as a compliment to the weekly social sessions the group holds in different venues SOR.   Hilton Dad’s boasts an extensive membership of 100+ fathers, and a strong leadership team of 6 men, who will help foster connections and friendship building even further.